why we do it.

Health and beauty companies are expanding their e-commerce business worldwide. Dallas is the hub of beauty manufacturing, and its central location provides a logistics advantage to better serve all of North America. What is missing is a reliable, knowledgeable logistics resource that you can effectively partner with.

We recognized that need and established Brilliant Fulfillment. We understand your relationship with a client doesn't end with a mouse click. Your brand delivers when they receive their product – as desired. Pick. Pack. Ship. Distribution. Fulfillment. Logistics. It's what we do. All with the perfect amount of attention to detail to ensure your brand delivers on its promise to its clients. Couple that with the growth in e-commerce sales and we can be a vital part of your business needs.

You've spent a lot of time, money, and effort building your brand. Don't let it suffer because of logistics nightmares. The last and final step of getting your brand into the client's hands, whether it is delivered via big box or an e-commerce order, needs to happen perfectly – and on time. Consider Brilliant Fulfillment an extension of your brand. Your last connection with your customers – the delivery – is the most important step. We make that step our business.